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IndiviDx is a CLIA-certified, Biosafety Level 3, and CDC listed laboratory for over a decade. Serving patients and helping doctors throughout the US and internationally.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been trusted by public officials, medical centers, and various industries (i.e. aviation, film, logistics) to deliver results and prevent further transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Our Mission

The health and safety of our communities are at stake. Accuracy and timeliness are crucial to delivering results that achieve the best clinical outcome and its disruption to our lives. We focus on actionable information which is  tailored to foster effective and personalized treatments and help you medical practitioners  deliver the highest level of care. 

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Together in Fostering A Healthier Tomorrow

In the post-pandemic era, preparedness and response are crucial. IndiviDx has always had a preventative approach and forward outlook to use innovation and precision medicine as a means to support the communities we serve. We have been able to successfully prevent and stop current outbreaks, find solutions to complex health issues, and community outreach is has always been our priority. Together, we are partners to foster a healthier tomorrow.


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